Michael Barrett

If you can’t be a Ghostbuster - be a Ghostbuster-booster

Gordon Nicholas’ portrait photography looks like it would taste like candy. Some are very posed and structured - some look like serendipitous snapshots.

Sabine Finkenauer is a German painter living in Barcelona and makes colorful, playful soft geometric abstractions.

Tacoma Pride festival

Robert Roth’s landscapes walk right up to the edge of pure abstraction and then take a step back.

Poppies and portraits. I finished posting my July Mega-gram today - A large image broken into 27 tiles posted over the course of this week.

Michael Breeder is a painter and muralist who mixes graffiti and figurative painting into dense images. They are visual but not physical collages. They feel of the internet even though they’re not from the internet.

Oh Marimekko

I think you need some surrealist GIFs to sing you to sleep.

🅰️ I didn’t know Michael Ian Black was such a good writer. 🅱️ I want to go there.

Sketching on the train this morning. Stealing faces from my email.

Sunday printer painting

Finishing up a painting today.

Jason Craighead is a traditional abstract expressionist - which feels like a funny thing to say because AbEx is so relatively young. To me, his works evoke weather, wear, and the evidence of time.

Google believes in the open web. As long as it’s viewed on Chrome.

Abby Fields is a painter whose work implies passages from a sinister story book.

Kelly Blevins creates large (3‘ x 4‘) figurative and somewhat surreal drawings in charcoal.

Alexei Gural creates collages from images found in magazines.

The fascinating story of straws.