Michael Barrett

Wednesday truck drawing.

A sketch from an old photo found on the internet.

Grind two small cans of pimentos with two cakes of Neufchatel cheese, and season with a little salt. If the mixture is too dry add a little oil of pimentos. Spread on thin slices of lightly buttered white bread. Place two together and cut into fancy shapes

One thing I like about John Baldessari’s work having the distinct impression that he’s f_ing with me.

When I hung my paintings up in the local wine shop - I forgot to put my name on anything. Whoops. So I made a sign…

Afternoon pear 🍐

Suzan Frecon grinds her own pigments into oil to build custom colors for her paintings.

I’m fascinated by Wade Guyton’s work and his giant printers.

I am perpetually surprised that there are so few art books available digitally (kindle or ibook or custom app even) - it seems like such a natural fit.

John Larriva makes expressive small oil paintings - mostly portraits. His paintings are 8x10 or smaller. I like small art. You can hang it in any home or prop it up on your desk.

Trying to cook mussels for the first time tonight.

Never gets old.

Sometimes I wonder what my phone thinks of me.

🧠 📱

The mannequin with a lightsaber tells you everything you need to know about Utilikilts

Herb Jackson’s paintings feel like an archeological dig into cake and feelings.

Ball Auto Service is a magical time capsule in my neighborhood. They will fix up your car and sell you clean gas, with no ethanol. They guys there appreciate that a 10 year old Yaris is still on the road.

Jordy Kerwick’s work seems to float somewhere between non-objective abstraction and deeply personal symbolism.

I found Erik Jones’ art on Instagram - his work has a playful but slightly broken quality to it - I think a lot of contemporary artists are influenced by techo-glitches whether they know it or not.