• The TWA Hotel Turns an Abandoned Airport Terminal Into a Midcentury Dream - Dwell

    Finally the Bond-Villain vacation I’ve dreamed of.

  • This guy is going to a new home today

  • I’m moving away from Gmail to a private email provider. I came to the conclusion that 🅰️ I have a job and 🅱️ I can afford $20 a year for an email account which means Google is effectively paying me $20/year to know everything about me.

  • I saved a copy of Slack’s old icon. I could share it. For a price.

  • When I was commuting from Tacoma to Seattle for a couple of years, I occupied myself by doodling desktop wallpaper for my phone and computer. Now I use them as backgrounds for Trello boards. Maybe I should hang out a shingle for “Artisinal Sprint Planning Tools”

  • Slack’s new logo looks like branding for a corporation in a straight-to-video dystopian sci-fi film

  • I like salt bagels. I like everything bagels. Why can’t I have a salty-everything bagel?

  • Origami for sale in a mason jar.

  • Conceptual artist Simon Freund created a digital painting called White on White after the famous painting by Malevich. Or did he?

  • New Year, new internet.

    My latest newsletter about a new art piece and starting the new year off by under-thinking things.

  • This guy lives in a stairwell in my office.

  • Justin Timberlake. Designed by Apple in California

  • This is pretty remarkable. Coder.com is VS Code in a browser, on a Linux container. Nuts.

    Run a server, get a public URL for testing. Collaboration is built in.

    Works on an iPad

  • Ivan is a mysterious concept artist and illustrator I found on ArtStation - Look at this amazing cheeseburger. Look at it

  • So the moral of the story is I deleted my News app from iOS. RSS 4 life. (Or until websites realize feeds are published by default and turn them off)

  • You can tell Apple News not to suggest things from feeds you don’t follow - but there’s no way to “eject” and reset the algorithm. A “forget what you think you know about me” feature would fix this problem. But then advertisers wouldn’t have those juicy details about you.

  • I like Apple News, but any algorithmically driven content system ultimately becomes a black hole of your worst impulses. I told Apple News to show me art and politics. I tapped a Buzzfeed listicle one too many times for a laff and now that’s all I get.

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