Important new new directions in ghost studies

Ladies and gentlemen, alive or otherwise, in this post I hope to provide evidence and support for an exciting new theory in ghost science. Namely, that the center of the earth is full of ghosts.

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Axiom 1: Ghosts pass through walls

It is a well accepted feature of ghosts and the ghostly that they pass easily through walls.

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Axiom 2: Walls are just vertical floors

If a ghost can pass through a wall, a ghost must pass through the floor as well.

Axiom 3: Gravity affects ghosts

Einstein showed us that even light feels the force of gravity, so if ghosts are real, be they strange energy or a form of exotic matter, they must feel the pull of gravity.

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Since ghosts must feel the pull of gravity, and ghosts must pass through floors (and soil, rocks, etc). Ghosts must, eventually, succumb to the pull of gravity and collect in the center of the earth.


  • Ghosts can pass through walls
  • Floors are horizontal walls
  • Ghosts can pass through floors
  • Ghosts must feel the effects of gravity
  • Ghosts must eventually fall to the center of the earth