Egg study Painted with ProCreate for iPad Pro
Egg study Painted with ProCreate for iPad Pro

Eggs and skulls. Artists need difficult subjects to train against, so along with figures painters will often study skulls and eggs. Interesting parallels between those two things. Hard shells protecting the gooey life within. Where’s my research grant? I’m pretty sure a workable thesis could come out of a study of artist’s images of eggs alone. Throw in skulls and you’ve got a whole career.

A while ago I stumbled across Scott Conakry’s work (via Metafilter). Later I remembered “eggs!” and added that to my pantry of still life doodles.

Eggs are so strange when you think about them - a giant, single cell. The yolk is the nucleus. When heated the entire thing sets into a translucent, semi-solid, quivering mass. Without the magic of eggs, we’d have no custard, no quiche, no crepe, no pancake. We’d have no meringue.

Eggs are difficult to capture - the egg shape isn’t really an oval - it’s rounder on one end - pointier on the other. The surface of the white is both reflective and transmissive of light. What you read is “white” but what you see is the color of the light in the room bounced back at you.

Also? Here’s an internet egg.