Breakfast ProCreate for iPad Pro
ProCreate for iPad Pro

When I’m awake, and the train is not too crowded, I like to doodle desktop wallpapers on my iPad. It’s a good excuse to play with different styles of making images. Mostly I’ve been making abstractions - either from repeating shapes or motifs or from big geometric ideas.

After reading an article on Modigliani forgeries, I was feeling very modernist. I was thinking about leisurely, sleepy breakfasts. I created the above sketchy piece with all of that in mind. I like how preserving the geometry of a thing makes it readable - the circular plate, the round eggs, bacon is a rectangle. They are flat to the picture plane, as if drawn from above - but still read as “on” a table and “in front” of the figure.

 Out ProCreate for iPad Pro
ProCreate for iPad Pro

The next was less geometric but more bold with color. I didn’t follow strict geometries, instead sort of just following an instinctive composition. I realized after I was done that this reminded me lots of a musician I drew as a teenager. It also looks a lot like drawing “errors” I would make when drawing from life - elongated features and heavy emphasis on edges and lines. I suspect that people have an intrinsic, natural, way of visualizing things by hand, much like a signature or handwriting.

 Houseplant ProCreate for iPad Pro
ProCreate for iPad Pro

Finally I took inspiration from a house plant with long dangling runners which are seeking the floor and a possible escape route. I’m not as happy with the composition here - but I am happy with the color and texture. This desktop makes my phone look like lush atrium in a hotel in the 1970s.