I’m working on a long tail of typography for Shtacks. I just added a plus (+), an equals (=), and a hyphen (-). The parts of minus, en dash, and em dash will be played by hyphen in accordance with the traditions of our typewriting ancestors.

   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="925.0"]<img src="http://abouthalf.micro.blog/3784/2018/100d7aeb4b.jpg" alt=" I also take notes in ProCreate. "/>  I also take notes in ProCreate. [/caption] 

I don’t think I want to complete the entire ASCII character set with lowercase and whitespace characters. But I do at least want brackets, braces, colons, and semi-colons so I can type a painting of programmer humor. I think also I need an ellipsis for pregnant…typographical pauses.

Once I get these last characters complete, I’d like to look into creating a mobile app. I want to inject type-written paintings into text messages and share them directly to Twitter and the like.

I also experimented with Emojipacks and created some custom emoji for Slack. The site above sells packs of emoji commercially (I love this) and also created this clever little widget which automates the uploading process for you. While this is fun, I think the real fun will be to create a small Slack slash-command so images can be dropped right into Slack. (Yes, Slack is the new exhibition space, why do you ask?).

  <img src="http://abouthalf.micro.blog/3784/2018/62c4adafeb.jpg" alt=""/>

  <img src="http://abouthalf.micro.blog/3784/2018/b29240529a.jpg" alt=""/>

  <img src="http://abouthalf.micro.blog/3784/2018/42a33b0102.jpg" alt=""/>