“Do you have a pool?” is a web painting of an infinite Motel 6. I’ve painted this Motel 6 before. When I say “this Motel 6” I really mean every Motel 6 because they’re all alike. They might even all be literally the same Motel 6.

When I was making this piece I thought about that feeling at arriving at this American classic and walking by all the doors in the hot sun until I arrived at my door. There’s something comforting and democratic about how they’re all the same, but also unnerving. Each door is anonymous. Each door is closed against the sun. What’s going on in there? Anything? Is anyone even alive here?

Technical notes

I created the imagery in Procreate with an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. I exported the painting as a layered image file and broke it up into repeating sections. The three-dimensional effect of the parking lot is accomplished with CSS 3D transformations. The parallax effect of the railing is a simple layer animated slightly faster than the layer behind it. One of the accidental effects I love is that on smaller windows, the scene passes by more slowly. It’s fun to scrunch up the browser window so the effect of the infinite is exaggerated by scale.

  <img src="http://abouthalf.micro.blog/3784/2018/68a6a67d99.jpg" alt=""/>