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I want to automate posts to Instagram. You can do this - but only if you have a “Business” account on Instagram and only if that business account is linked to a Facebook account which also has a facebook “page”.

This, combined with the fact that there are certain people who cannot be reached by any other method has convinced me to give up and reactivate my stupid, horrible, Facebook account.

I’m not going to let it get me down however. I’m treating Facebook as paperwork that I have to do in order to use Instagram in the way I want. (That Facebook is driving people away from a beloved platform because they just can’t stop meddling is another issue entirely…).

I downloaded the shiny new version of the Firefox browser and installed their new Facebook Container extension to keep things isolated for the rare times when I need to log in to Facebook and perform maintenance.

Now, with my blogging tools to Facebook I can use it as just an output format - a shitty form of RSS which I don’t use myself, but make available for the poor souls trapped on it.