[caption id=“” align=“alignnone” width=“2500.0”] Napping Commuter Digital painting, iPad Pro, Procreate Napping Commuter Digital painting, iPad Pro, Procreate [/caption]

Napping Commuter is a a digital painting for Instagram. I created this piece with the intention of exhibiting in pieces on Instagram over the course of a week. Once completed I broke the piece into a grid of 12 squares then posted each in order to my Instagram account such that viewing my profile would reveal the full image. Each post revealing a bit more of the image. Some posts stand alone as works, some are strange and cryptic. 

With this piece I wanted to capture some of the feeling of riding the train to Seattle - with this poor commuter as the viewer's avatar. Above him are concrete walls with windows and blotchy paint. Something you'll see a lot of as you cruise through Puyallup and Sumner. The number "2" came from a photograph from years ago. On the side of the train one morning I noticed the number two - in bright white Helvetica and right next to it, the dark blue ghost of where another "2" once was. I snapped a photo. Those two 2s have come to graphically represent the train in my mind - something about the faded space where a decal once was, next to a bright fresh decal of the very same thing says something about repetition and pattern and commuting.