I’m very close to sun-downing my Squarespace site in favor of Micro.blog. Squarespace is a great product, but it’s just not right for me.

I love that Micro.blog is a frictionless way to write more often and more freely. Blogging on Squarespace is many-step process. And while there’s some great features, like schedule posts, and the ability to visually layout and design posts and pages, it’s locked into it’s own tight little ecosystem. Nothing talks to Squarespace but Squarespace. They don’t offer a public API, they don’t support any open web protocols or conventions. It’s just a tiny island.

I had been waffling a bit on this decision, as I wanted a place where I could host a portfolio. I realized, though, that I make web sites all the time, and I can just make a portfolio site and host it at Github or wherever and use Micro.blog as my primary web presence.