I make “Internet Art” in the form of web sites with a single idea or image enhanced with a little bit of animation or interactivity.

If this art is freely available on the public internet, then these pieces are digital murals. I like to project them on the wall.

Foggy Mirror

Foggy mirror

Foggy Mirror recreates the experience of a fogged bathroom mirror using your device’s front-facing camera. Draw with the mouse (or your finger on touch devices) to remove the fog

Do you have a pool?

Motel6 thumbnail

“Do you have a pool?” is a web painting of an infinite Motel 6 in the summertime. Read more about the project here.

Little Overripe

Little overripe

“Little Overripe” is a web painting of breathing, undulating, avocados. Read about the making of it here.

Guacamole Tips

Guacamole tips

“Guacamole Tips” is a web painting about waking up in a strange room in a strange place. And some tips about making guacamole.

Read about the making of the site here or read about the original painting that inspired this painting here.



Shtacks.com is a piece of net art that lets you type a painting. Your text is immediately saved in the URL so you can share your creation, or you can download the painting as an image file.

Read about the making of here.


Majid coffee

Majid likes alpacas. Majid likes coffee. Majid likes alpacas who like coffee.

Read about Majid.coffee here.