I am reading “Perfect Wave” by Dave Hickey. I am reminded how much his writing makes me nostalgic for things I have never seen and how I am cowed into looking up words I don’t yet know.

I was hoping for a podcast, but I found a recorded university lecture on Youtube. It’s shocking to compare the real person to the imagined author. The voice in my head is laconic and droll. I imagine a drag from a cigarette in between paragraphs. The real Dave Hickey climbs out of a busted-ass Honda to complain about the pie at your favorite diner. He does this with a desert drawl and a bewildered approach to microphones. How do these even work?

He tries to make innuendo laden jokes to an audience of woke college kids and keeps plowing forward when those jokes land like bricks on more bricks.

I’m watching this 2007 lecture in 2018. The parts that are true age well.